I litter zu Treuen Händen

D.O.B 910-2016



Indira (aka Indy) 7 months

Idest (aka Summit) Sept 2017

Idesta (aka Ida) 7 months and 3 months

Idina (aka Iris) 3 months

Ileana (aka Lena) 6 months

Isildur (aka Sully), 3 months

Isabella (aka Bella)



1 sable male, 3 sable females, 2 bi-color females.


V Dexter vom Eisernen Kreuz IPO3 (WUSV) KKL X SG Elena zu Treuen Händen IPO1 AD CGC B/HOT

This litter brings together 4 very strong producing female lines combined with the exceptional genetics of Quardes von der Staatsmacht and Javir vom Talka Marda. These are the producers of producers.

Dexter is a medium sized very correct male with tremendous character, hardness, and exceptional nerve. Dexter has noteworthy fight and dominance towards the helper. This is something that is not trained but is in the heart and genetics of the dog. He is particularly suitable for improving working abilities. His sire, Quardes v.d. Staatsmacht, is currently the top producing male in the world with dogs succeeding in both sport and the working fields. Dexter's mother is a proven producer of top dogs with multiple males. Dogs from her D and E litters are currently competing at upper levels in Europe. Dexter is already proving his worth as a breeding dog with excellent working prospects in the US and Germany.

Elena is a medium sized female with excellent structure, character and nerves. She is a fun and easy dog to handle being quick to learn with a "what can I do for you?" attitude. She is extremely athletic, loves the work, big full grips, clean transitions and fast. She is also a very easy dog to live with having no dog or handler aggression, easy breeder and a fantastic mom like her mother and grandmother. Her sire is the great and proven Javir vom Talka Marda who is out of the top female Quaste von Ankenrütt. Elena's dam is my wonderful producer, competition dog and companion Balien zu Treuen Händen. Elena is 2nd generation B/HOT and I worked and titled her dam and grand dam. Both Balien and Javir bring longevity and health to the lines. Elena is also from a long line of dogs known for their excellent hunt drive as seen in her brother, Ezio, who is an accelerant detection dog.

Elena and Dexter are both very clear headed dogs with a strong desire to please their owners (something I feel is being lost in our breed). I am expecting very balanced pups with the big grips, fight and power, flash and athleticism needed for top level sport, the nerves, character and drives, especially hunt drive, for the real working world and their parents' excellent structure that makes one proud to be on the other end of the leash.

Dexter and Elena are both DM clear. Dexter does not carry the coat gene so there will be no long stock coats.

All puppies sold with limited registration except in rare circumstances.

Dexter son

Elena son

This litter has no linebreeding

Sire: V Dexter vom Eisernen Kreuz
2/08/2012 SZ 2281487
a3, ED:a DM clear

For more information on Dexter

Linebred: Olex de Valsory 3-4; Connie vom Körnerplatz 4-4; Yoschy v.d. Döllenwiese 5-5

Sire:**Quardes von der Staatsmacht
1/12/2008 2213842
BSP, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Fast normal

Linebreeding: None


Sire:*Agent vom Wolfsheim
12/17/2004 2155784
BSP, FH2, IP3, SchH.3, WUSV
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Normal

Linebreeding Falko Haus Sindern 4-5 Uwe Kirschental 5-5

Sire:*Justin vom Pendel Bach
9/10/1998 2030372
BSP, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Normal

Dam:*Noditha vom Teufelsgrund
10/25/2001 2100655
LGA, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.G Normal

Dam:*Gracia von der Staatsmacht
2/10/2005 2158611
SchH.2, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.G Fast normal
Linebred: A litter Stoffelblick(Arek, Arek-Arko) 4,5-4 Askia Froschgraben 5,5-4

Sire:*Olex de Valsory
7/27/1998 LOF 500663
BSP, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.SG a zuerkannt

Dam*Orla von der Schiffslache
11/28/1998 2032673
Kkl.2 Show res.G Normal


Dam:*Yucca von der Mohnwiese
2/19/2010 2250811
RH1, SchH.1
Kkl.* Show res.SG Normal
Linebred Yoschy Döllenweise 4-5 T litter bösen nachbarschaft (Troll, Timmy - Troll) 5,5-5

Sire:*Tyson von der Adelegg
2/26/2005 2159674
IP3, SchH.2, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Normal

Linebred T litter bösen Nachbarschaft (Troll-Timmy) 4-4

Sire: *Ellute von der Mohnwiese
12/30/1998 2036438
BSP, FH1, IP3, SchH.3, VPG2
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Normal

Dam:*Desch von der Adelegg
12/14/2000 2077389
Kkl.1 Show res. Normal


Dam:*Bira von der Teufelskehle
1/19/2007 2194780
SchH.1, SchH.3
Kkl.* Show res.SG Normal

Linebred: Arek Stoffelblick 5,5-5,5

Sire:*Tyson von der Schiffslache
3/23/2000 2061899
BSP, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Normal

dam:*Wilma vom Ketscher Wald
7/20/2002 2108980
SchH.1, SchH.3
Kkl.2 Show res.G Normal

Dam SG Elena zu Treuen Händen IPO1 AD CGC B/HOT, OFA Excellent, elbows normal, DM N/N

SireSire *'V'Javir vom Talka Marda
5/20/2003 2125110
BSP, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.V Normal zw:69

4X BSP (V1, 2008), 3X WUSV; 2X V (BSZS), 2X Universal Sieger

Linebreeding: T - Breed von der bösen Nachbarschaft (Timmy - Troll) 3-3; Greif zum Lahntal 5-4

Sire*Dago vom schwarzen Pegasus
8/12/1996 1968116
BSP, SchH.3
Kkl.2 Show res.G Normal zw:92

2X BSP, Sire: 6 BSP

Linebreeding: A - Wurf vom Neffeltal (Ari - Apoll) 4-5

Sire:*Marc vom Herkulesblick
8/23/1987 1706318
FH, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.V Normal

Dam *Boccia von der bösen Nachbarschaft
5/3/1990 1785057
FH, SchH.3
Kkl.2 Fast normal

Dam Dam *'V' Quaste von Ankenrütt
8/1/1995 1940570
BSP, FH1, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.V Normal ZW:64

4X BSP (V2 2002), WUSV. V (BSZS)

Dam 4 BSP

Linebreeding: none

Sire: *Aly vom Vordersteinwald
6/11/1992 1835254
BSP, FH, FH2, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.V Normal

Dam: *Fenga von Ankenrütt
1/5/1988 1719440
Kkl.2 Normal

Balien zu Treuen Händen
7/14/2004 AKC DN 7804201
OFA Hips Good GS-74708G24F-PI;Elbows Normal GS-EL19459F24-24 ZW:86

Linebred Umsa v. Bungalow 5-5

*Belschik von Eicken-Bruche
6/18/1992 1836831
2X BSP, WUSV, FH1, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.2 Show res. Normal zw:86

Linebred: Eros vom Busecker Schloss 5-5

*Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft
12/10/1986 1688832
3X BSP, FH, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Normal ZW:88

Linebred: Anderl vom kleinen Pfahl 4-3; Flora vom Eichlbrunn 5-4; Nico vom Haus Beck 5-5

*Ina vom Scherwald
7/1/1988 1728357
FH, SchH.3
Kkl.2 Normal ZW:88
Dam of 2 BSP

Linebred: Matsch vom Bungalow 3-2; Pali vom Bungalow 4,5-4

Burgos' Unika
5/15/2000 USZ 14677
AD, OB1, SchH.1, TR3, HOT
OFA HD: GS-64115G24F-PI
OFA EL: GS-EL13824F24-PI. ZW:86

Linebreeding: none

Harro vom Sickinger Moorwerk
3/13/1997 1987153
SchH.2 Normal ZW:77

Linebred: T - Breed vom Körbelbach (Troll - Torro) 2-3; Caro vom Allerswald 4-5,5; Ari vom Neffeltal 5-5

*Citty vom Haus Ming
12/3/1993 NHSB 1915903
SchH.3, VH3, VZH
Kkl.2 Show res.SG Fast normal ZW:94

Linebred Mink Haus Wittfeld 2-2; Ira vom Jägermeister 2-4; Greif zum Lahntal 4-4,5; Enno vom Antrefftal 4-5

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Winter/spring 2017

J litter zu Treuen Händen




Breeders in the USA I recommend:

Working lines

WildHaus Kennels in S.E. MI

Adlerstein Kennels in southern CA

Vom Patiala in the Bay area CA

Blackthorn in VA

Vom Geistwasser NW of Chicago

Szikla Kemeny Imports in TN near Nashville


Showlines that can work

Unfortunately I have none I can recommend at this time


Note: I do not recommend breeders who I do not know personally, know their breeding philosophies and know their dogs.

For other options please see my Links page.