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Available 3-18-24

Luicija zu Treuen Händen Detection, SAR, bite sports or breeding

Jarka zu Treuen Händen, scent work or active companion, free

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Welcome to the Zu Treuen Händen homepage. We are a small hobby kennel on 50 acres in beautiful Bloomington, IN, 45 minutes south west of Indianapolis, Indiana.
The German Shepherd Dog has been my passion, my obsession for as long as I can remember. I purchased my first German Shepherd Dog in March of 1985, a bitch from old show and working lines. Tara was a wonderful introduction to the breed for me with her excellent working drives and strong nerves. Anything I wanted to try, Tara was always willing from obedience and tracking to herding and SchH. She introduced me to the true utilitarian working dog the Shepherd was developed to be.
I see the German Shepherd Dog first and foremost as a working dog, sound in mind as well as in body. I want a dog that can follow me around the fields for 8 hrs and then go and train in the evening. High drive in work or play, but quiet and relaxed in the house. Dogs that have the nerves, drives, sound joints and health for years of service in whatever field their handler chooses. Dogs with real power and fight in protection, but that believe children were put on the planet just to play with them. A dog that truly wants to work for me and with me. This is the type of German Shepherd Dog I strive to produce.
While I currently compete and train in SchH/IPO my goals are to produce a sound balanced dog for the real working world. I work and test my dogs outside of the sport so that I can maintain the strong nerves and fight for police service and very high hunt drive for not only tracking, but all forms of scent work like detection, HRD, SAR and ADC. I also train and, time permitting, title dogs in AKC obedience/tracking because I feel it is very good for the general public to see good sound high drive correct German Shepherds.
I had my first litter in 2003 after years of searching for my ideal bitch. I believe that a good breeding program is built on the foundation of an exceptional female from a line of exceptional females. While there are no perfect dogs, a foundation bitch must be far above average not only in her ability as a working dog, but in the balance and ability to produce an all around working German Shepherd Dog. I found this quality in my foundation bitch, Nike. Nike had pups training/titling/working in SchH, Ring, obedience, detection, HRD, agility, tracking, dock diving………….. Her daughter, Vala, continued on this tradition with pups training/titling and working in detection, SchH, ADC, tracking, and obedience.
All of my dogs are Handler Owner Trained from strong and proven working lines. They live in the house, sleep on the bed and are my constant companions. All puppies are raised in the house, are raw fed and minimally vaccinated.
I started training dogs in obedience in 1983 and finished my first dog in February 1985. I joined the United SchH Clubs of America in January 1992. I am past president/member of the South Michigan SchH and Police Club and a current member of O.G. Indianapolis and Polizei. I was a member of the Ann Arbor Dog Training club for 26 years but finally allowed that membership to lapse in 2010. I am also a CGC Evaluator.
Balien (aka Vala) at 12.5
Balien (aka Vala), daughter Deja, granddaughter Firien (aka LB), granddaughter Ileana (aka Lena)
UPDATED December 15, 2019

Lisa H. Clark
Bloomington, IN





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