Schexnider's Endi


JULY 31, 1992 - DECEMBER 19, 2002

Endi is seen here at 8 years of age. Though she did not have the nerves I demand for a breeding dog she proved to a valuable asset to our cattle operation. Endi is my background dog seen doing her favorite job: working "her" cattle.

In March 2000, Endi was diagnosed with Perianal Fistulas (PF). PF is thought to be an autoimmune disease. With treatment she went into remission for 3 years, but when it returned with a vengeance I finally had to put my old girl to sleep.

Sire: 'SG' Alf vom Stoffelblick SchH3 FH IP3 KKL1 a1 SZ1616774 dark sable, carried black

Dam: 'V' Finka vom Rockland SchH1 a2 SZ1666978 sable by 'V' Harro aus der Lechrainstadt SchH3 (BSP) FH IP3 KKL1 a2 SZ1550016

Endi was linebred Racker Iztztal (4-4), * - Breed vom Itztal (Quicke, Nina - Nina) (5,5-5)


Itara v. Lerchental BH CD TD

February 1985-December 1997

Sire: 'V' Rolf von den Eschbacher Klippen SchH3 FH KKL1a son of Grief z. Lahntal with lines back to VA Marko v. Cellerland, VA Quanto Wienerau, VA Frei v.d. Gugge, Fello Lierberg.

Dam: Sabrina v. Lerchental SchH1 OFA good by Spitzen "V" Rocco v. Busecker Schloß with lines back to VA Bernd v. Lierberg, VA Alf vom Convent, Jupp v.d Murrenhütte.

Tara is linebred on Fello-Bernd Lierberg (5-4)