10-6-2017 Enno earns his IPO3 under SV judge Edgar Pertl

8-20-2017 Firien (aka LB) earns her IPO2 with High in trial, high IPO2, and high obedience under USCA Arthur Collins 85-98-92P 275

5-28-2017 Firien (aka LB) earns her conformation rating and survey under USCA Karen MacIntyre

5-27-2017 Firien (aka LB) earns her IPO1 with high IPO1 and high obedience under USCA Karen MacIntyre.

11-20-2016 Elena earns her KKL at the mid-east regional conformation show under SV judge/Körmeister David Brauch.

11-18-2016 Firien earns her AD under SV judge/Körmeister Richard Brauch

6-18/19-16 Elena receives her IPO1 under Frank Phillips at O.G. Indy with a High IPO1 94-88-90P 272

6-18-16 LB/Firien gets her BH at O.G. Indy under USCA Frank Phillips

2-25-16 Fortune goes DM N/N.

December 2015 Firien goes OFA Hips Good Elbows normal

November 2015 "V" Athos v.d. Wannaer Höhen IPO3 KKL, sire of my F litter, is the north central regional universal sieger

10-31-15 Enno earns the 3rd leg of his AKC CD with a 3rd place finish

10-25-15 Enno earns the second leg of his CD with a second place finish

10-24-15 Enno earns the first leg of his CD

6-2015 Enno earns his IPO1

10-5-13 Elena earns her AD under USCA Frank Phillips

10-5-13 Donovan earns his IPO1 with high IPO1 under USCA Frank Phillips

10-5-13 Deja earns her IPO3 with high IPO3 under USCA Frank Phillips

10-5-13 Ceridwen earns her IPO2 with high IPO2, high tracking under USCA Frank Phillips

7-17-13 Ezio (aka Sundance) earns his BH with very favorable comments from USCA judge Al Govednik

6-30-13 Varick earns his AWD1 under USCA Ann Marie Chaffin with High In Trial

6-20-13 Elena goes OFA excellent/elbows normal

6-8-13 Enno earns his BH with High BH under USCA Johannes Grewe

6-18-13 Donovan earns his TR2 under USCA Johannes Grewe

6-2-13 Ceridwen gets an IPO1 with High in Trial and High obedience under USCA Bill Szentmiklosi

4-29-13 Elena earns her CGC

4-13-13 Aragorn earns the second leg of his CDX with a first place

11-18-12 Deja earns a KKL 1 in her breed survey under USCA Johannes Grewe. Her protection work totally rocked!

11-17-12 Deja earns an SG1 in the working females class under USCA Johannes Grewe

11-17-12 Elena earns her SG conformation rating under USCA Johannes Grewe

10-7-12 Elena earns her BH under USCA Ann Marie Chaffin

10-7-12 Deja earns her IPO2 with HIT, High IPO2 and high Tracking under USCA Ann Marie Chaffin.

10-6-12 Vala earns her FH2 with a 'V' 97 under USCA Ann Marie Chaffin

10-6-12 Varda earns her FH1 under USCA Ann Marie Chaffin

9-8-12 Ceridwen (aka Bear) earns her IPO1 under USCA Mike Hamilton

8-22-12 Ezio (aka Sundance) earns the HIC (herding instinct certificate) with a very favorable comment from the tester.

7-25-12 Ezio (aka Sundance) is officially certified as an Accelerant Detection Canine at 14 months. Hunt drive at its best!

6-23-12 Deja earns her AWD1 with a courage and hardness rating of "10" under USCA Mike Hamilton at O.G. Indianapolis SchH and Polizei.

6-16-12 Aragorn earns another IPO3 and high IPO3 at 9 years of age under FCI Judge Markus Neutz

6-09-12 Deja earns her IPO1 under USCA Frank Phillips with High in Trial, High IPO1, High tracking and High protection

6-09-12 Donovan earns his TR1 under USCA Frank Phillips

1-22-12 Aragorn earns his first CDX leg and another RA leg with a perfect 100 pts. Good job.

1-21-12 Aragorn earns his Rally Advanced title


10-2-11 Drigon earns his BH under USA Mike Hamilton

10-2-11 Donovan and Deja earn their AD under USA Mike Hamilton

10-1-11 Vala earns her FH1 with 96 pts under USA Mike Hamilton

10-1-11 Varda earns her SchH1 with HIT, high SchH1 and high tracking with a 96-93-95 284P under USA Mike Hamilton

10-1-11 Donovan and Deja earn their BH under USA Mike Hamilton

5-21-11 C'Varick earns his BH at O.G. Indianapolis under USA Mike Hamilton

4-5-11 Donovan and Deja both go OFA good hips/elbows normal


9-26-10 Antares earns his SchH1 with a HIT, high SchH1, High tracking and high protection

9-12-10 Vala earns her 2nd SchH3 and qualifies for the Nationals at the MER working dog championships

9-12-10 Varda earns her SchH1 at the MER Working Dog Championships.

8-29-10 Caysee earns her SchH1 under USA Anne Marie Chaffin

6-5-10 Vala earns her SchH3 at SMSPC under USA Ann Marie Chaffin with a 97-95-80 P 272 SG.

6-5-10 C'Varda earns her OB1 at SMSPC under USA Ann Marie Chaffin

6-5-10 Ceridwen earns her BH at South MI SchH and Police club under USA Ann Marie Chaffin

6-5-10 Aragorn earns his second SchH3 at SMSPC under USA Ann Marie Chaffin

Spring 2010 Ceridwen goes 'a' normal hips/elbows


Fall 2009 Antares gets his BH

12-11-09 Navarre earns his Novice Jumper agility title with a first place

12-6-09 Vala earns her SchH2 with a 96 'V' in obedience at O.G. Buckeye and under SV Reinhold Walter

10-25-09 Vala earns her AWD1 and High In Trial under USA Johannes Grewe

10-24-09 C'Varda earns her TR1 with a 98 under USA Johannes Grewe

10-17-09 Caysee earns her TR1 and OB1 under USA Mike Hamilton

7-17-09 Navarre earns the second leg towards his novice JWW agility title

7-11-09 Vala earns her CGC

6-20-09 Caysee earns her BH under SV Alfred Maas. Good girl!!

5-30-09 C'Varda earns her BH under USA Craig Groh. GOOD GIRL!!

5-11-09 C'Varda earns her CGC


10-4-08 Aragorn earns his IPO3 under USA Nikki Banfield.

6-1-08 Aragorn earns his SchH3 and Nike earns her TR3 under SV Dieter Schmale.


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