C'Maia aus der Alten Scheune BH
'a' normal hips/elbows, LÜW0, OCD clear, DM clear,
Embark clear

D.O.B 1-31-21

Maia is a new addition to my program to bring in some outside lines. I love her father and loved her grandfather so wanted to add them to my lines. Maia is the first outside dog I have added to my program in 24 years.
Maia is a medium sized very thick female with beautiful pigment. She carries black and does not carry long coat. She has excellent orthopedics and is DM clear. Maia has very good food and ball/toy drive and will push and push for me to play. Excellent grips in protection. She wants to please and was very easy to prep for her BH in a short amount of time. Maia is social, very dog neutral and an easy dog to live with. She is a dog that could easily be handle by anyone.

Maia inherited her phenomenal temperament from her father, Tchala vox Meinerz, and her grandfather Caribou vox Meinerz. Vox Meinerz is a Brazilian kennel known for producing exceptional dogs with these wonderful temperments.

Some photos of Maia's family.
Her father, Tchala:

Her mother, Angola, with her father Caribou:

Maia's grandfather, Caribou:

Her great grandfather Mike vom Weinbergblick at 10: