F litter zu Treuen Händen

7 weeks at the park

BT, aka Felarof, NOT being cooperative

LB aka Firien

LSB aka Fortune

MrT aka Freundchen (aka Krieger)

WF, aka Feanor, isn't he cute?

5.5 weeks

Mr White Foot (WF), Bi-colored male

Light sable boy (LSB) and WF


Black Tan Boy (BT)


1 month

The F litter Zu Treuen Händen

Athos von den Wannaer Höhen IPO1 X SG1 Dejavu zu Treuen Händen IPO2 AWD1 KKL1

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Deja is the most intense dog I have ever worked and extremely powerful in all three phases. She has the hunt drive needed for detection and search work inherited from her mother, grandmother and sire. A strong desire to please, very good ball and food drive for ease of training, and excellent athleticism. In protection she has very high fight, is focused on the man, big grips and a lot of power yet is very clear with the ability to out cleanly and switch into guarding without conflict. She is a very thinking dog, usually figuring out a situation faster than I can, making her a challenge to train at times. She is excellent in the house, quiet in the crate and sound in all environmental situations. She is very neutral off of the field, yet social when approached.

Deja is third generation HOT (handler/owner/trained) and 2nd generation bred by/HOT. She is also 3rd generation raw fed.


For Deja's first litter I have chosen:

Athos von den Wannaer Höhen IPO1 hips/elbows normal ZW:71

I am expecting very correct and good looking dark well pigmented sables, BI-colors and black and tans, large masculine males, medium sized females all with large expressive eyes. They should have very good athletic and sound working structure, their parents calm hard grips, excellent hunt drive for SAR/detection work, aggression and drive on the field yet the super nerves, focus and character that also makes them wonderful family companions.

The breeding of Athos to Deja brings together two exceptional animals with strong aggression, power in all three phases, and an absolute love of the work. They have the drive to go all day yet are excellent house dogs and couch potatoes during their down time. This is how a German Shepherd Dog should be and this is what I am expecting from this breeding.

Deja is the result of excellent and proven genetics. Her sire, Hannes vom Spadener Holz, is a proven producer of both dogs in sport, SAR, detection and Police along with excellent and correct structure. Deja's dam, Balien (aka Vala), was, like her dam, an exceptional dog in her own right. In three litters Vala produced titled and working offspring in detection and security plus the temperament to be wonderful family companions. Vala's dam, Burgos' Unika (aka Nike), in just two litters produced a number of titled and working offspring passing on her strong hunt drives, full hard grip and love of the work. Nike's dam, Citty vom Haus Ming, and Citty's dam, Jenni von der Lindenhalle, were also proven producers, keeping with my requirement of only using females from a long line of exceptional females.


Athos is a young dog just starting his competition career. He has excellent drive and intensity on the track. In obedience he shows very good drive, excellent focus and willingness to work with his handler. In protection he is a very strong and hard dog, who is clear in the work, with excellent aggression, fight drive and calm full grips. On the escape bite he actually works to stop the man. Despite the drive and power he is easy to handle, very willing with no handler aggression. Off the field he is social, no dog aggression, and totally neutral.

Athos BH Obedience

Athos protection 11/2012 with Steve Romard

I was able to spend 5 days with Athos at both his home and away. He shows excellent nerves, was calm, very confident in all environments and just a very open pleasant dog to be around. He is masculine, very strong, with an excellent bond with his people.

Athos is showing good promise as a producer. The pups I saw were very confident, focused with very high drive for toys and the rag, yet showing aggression in the work at a young age.

Athos daughter

Athos daughter at 6.5 months

Both Athos and Deja come from proven producers going back on the "old working blood", not just through the four main females, but also through Athos' sire line (a very rare occurrence in this day and age). Not just dogs that could produce one generation of good dogs, but producers of producers. This breeding combines the exceptional nerves and desire to work with their handler coming down from Urs Hopfenstraße through Haifa and Greif vom Herkulesblick. High hunt drive coming from Lasco Westfalensproß, J litter and Iko Lindenhalle, Quax Fasanerie and the Bungalows. Fight drive and aggression from the Bungalows, Ira Körbelbach, Mink Haus Wittfeld, Belschik Eicken-Bruche. Deep nosed tracking needed for sport coming from the T litter bösen Nachbarschaft. Drive for obedience from the Wannaer Höhen dogs and many lines back on Greif Lahntal. Along with good joints and athleticism strewn throughout the pedigree.

Litter Pedigree:

Litter Linebreeding: W litter von den Wannaer Höhen (Wespe - Wicki) 5-3; Quax vom Fasanerie 5-3; J litter von der Lindenhalle (Jago-Jenni) 5-5

Sire Athos von den Wannaer Höhen
5/22/2010 SZ 2253083
Hips a1 zw:71, elbows 'a'

Linebreeding: Aly vom Vordersteinwald 4-5, Vico-Cilly vom Wolfendobel 5-5


For more information on Athos.

Sire*Oskar von den Wannaer Höhen
4/29/2007 2201583
Kkl.1 Show res.V a1 hips/a elbows ZW:74
Groß (65), gehaltvoll, mittelkräftig, trocken, fest, gutes Höhen- Längenverhältnis, gute Ober- und Unterlinie, sehr guter Typ und Ausdruck, sehr guter Kopf. Sehr guter Widerrist, gerader Rücken, die etwas abschüssige Kruppe ist von guter Länge,
gute Winkelungen der Vorhand mit guter Lage und Länge des Schulterblattes, sehr gute Hinterhandwinkelungen mit festen Sprunggelenken, ausgeglichene Brustverhältnisse, gerade Front. Geradetretend zeigt er sehr gute Gänge mit kraftvollem Nachschub und gutem Vortritt. Sicheres Wesen, TSB ausgeprägt, läßt ab.
V: Gehaltvoller, trockener, fester Rüde.
VI: Geeignet zur Verbesserung der Festigkeit und der Gebrauchshundeigenschaften.

Linebreeding: Haifa-Greif vom Herkulesblick 4-4, T litter vom bösen Nachbarschaft (Timmy, Troll-Timmy) 4,4-5


Sire *'V'Javir vom Talka Marda
5/20/2003 2125110
BSP, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.V Normal zw:69

4X BSP (V1, 2008), 3X WUSV; 2X V (BSZS), 2X Universal Sieger

Linebreeding: T - Breed von der bösen Nachbarschaft (Timmy - Troll) 3-3; Greif zum Lahntal 5-4

Sire*Dago vom schwarzen Pegasus
8/12/1996 1968116
BSP, SchH.3
Kkl.2 Show res.G Normal zw:92

2X BSP, Sire: 6 BSP

Linebreeding: A - Wurf vom Neffeltal (Ari - Apoll) 4-5

Dam *'V' Quaste von Ankenrütt
8/1/1995 1940570
BSP, FH1, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.V Normal ZW:64

4X BSP (V2 2002), WUSV. V (BSZS)

Dam 4 BSP

Linebreeding: none

*Wanja vom Dümpter Feld
9/24/2002 2118947
Kkl.1 Show res.V Normal

Linebreeding: none

'V' Lasco Westfalensproß
7/28/1995 1936321
FH1, IP3, SchH.3
KKL1 a1


Linebreeding: Greif Lahntal 4-4

'SG' Umsa vom Rockland
4/1/1998 2015014
SchH.3 KKL a2

Linebreeding: none

*Prada von den Wannaer Höhen
8/4/2007 2204868
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Normal/elbows normal ZW:73
Übermittelgroß (58,5), gehaltvoll, mittelkräftig, trocken, fest, etwas gestreckt, guter Ausdruck, guter Kopf. Sehr guter Widerrist, gerader Rücken, bei guter Lage ist die Kruppe etwas kurz, der Oberarm und das Schulterblatt sollten etwas länger sein und etwas schräger liegen, gute Hinterhandwinkelungen mit festen Sprunggelenken, ausgeglichene Brustverhältnisse, gerade Front. Vorne und hinten geradetretend zeigt sie sehr gute Gänge mit wirksamem Nachschub, der Vortritt sollte etwas freier sein. Sicheres Wesen, TSB ausgeprägt, läßt ab.

V: Besondere Vozüge:

Trockene, feste Zuchthündin.

VI: Beratung für die Zuchtverwendung:

Geeignet zur Verbesserung der Festigkeit.

Linebreeding: none

*Athos von der Querlenburg
7/27/2004 2149895
Kkl.1 Show res.V Normal/normal elbows ZW:79
Übermittelgroß,mittelkräftig,gehaltvoll,lericht gestreckt,sehr gutes Gepräge. Normaler Widerrist, gerader fester Rücken,geringfügig kurze Kruppe,gute Winkelungen in Vor- und Hinterhand,ausgeglichene Brustverhältnisse,gerade Front,korrekte Schrittfolge,flüssige raumgreifende Gänge. Sicheres Wesen, TSB ausgeprägt; läßt ab.
V: Führiger Rüde mit guten anatomischen Anlagen.
VI.Geeignet zur Verbesserung und Festigung der Arbeitseigenschaften.

Linebreeding: none

'V' Orry von den Wannaer Höhen
5/27/2000 2065372
Kkl.1 Show res.V Normal ZW:74

Linebreeding: Orla von der Firnskuppe 5-5

*Bessy vom Hopener Burgwald
2/8/2001 2079939
Kkl.2 Show res.G Fast normal ZW:84

Linebreeding: Umsa Bungalow 4-5, N - litter vom Haus Marterstock (Norbo - Nico) 4-5

*Hel von den Wannaer Höhen
11/23/1998 2033373
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Normal ZW:80
Große (59), gehaltvolle, leicht gestreckte Hündin mit etwas flachem Widerrist und etwas kurzer Kruppe. Der Oberarm sollte länger und schräger gelagert sein, normal gewinkelte Hinterhand, ausgeglichene Brustverhältnisse, gerade Front. Gerade Schrittfolge, flüssige Gänge. Sicheres Wesen, TSB ausgeprägt; lässt ab.

Linebreeding: Greif Lahntal 5-5

Don vom Geiersnest
12/20/1994 1919790
Kkl.1 Show res.V Normal ZW:97

Linebreeding: none


*Lya von Karthago
12/17/1995 1952048
Kkl.1 Show res.V Fast normal ZW:96

Linebreeding: none

SG1 Dejavu zu Treuen Händen
3/15/09 AKC DN24098805
OFA Hips Good GS-84207G24F-VPI;Elbows normal GS-EL25601F24-VPI

Medium size, medium srong well pigmented female, dry and firm. Normal withers, firm and straight back, good croup. Good angulation in front and very good in the rear. Good chest proportions. Steps correct and shows fluent gaits. Sure temperament, TSB pronounced: does out.

Linebred: Troll v. Körbelbach 4-5, Fado v. Karthago 4-5, N - Breed vom Haus Marterstock (Norbo - Nico) 5-5

vom Spadener Holz
7/25/2000 2069584
FH1, IP3, SchH.3, ZW:71
Kkl.1 Show res 'V' Normal
Übermittelgroß, mittelkräftig, normale Oberlinie, Kruppe sollte eine Idee länger sein. Gute Winkelungen, normale Brustverhältnisse, gerade Front, gerade Trittfolge. Gute Gänge mit kräftigem Nachschub, Vortritt sollte etwas freier sein. Sicheres Wesen, TSB ausgeprägt; läßt ab.

Over medium size, medium strong, normal topline, croup should be very slightly longer. Good angulations, normal chest proportions, straight front, straight footfalls. Good gaits with strong rear propulsion, front reach should be somewhat more free. Sure temperament, TSB pronounced, outs.

Linebred E - Breed vom Körbelbach (Evi - Ester) 5-5

Sire*Quax von der Fasanerie (West)
5/30/1993 1871242
BSP, FH1, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Normal ZW:77


Linebred: Ilja aus dem schwarzen Zwinger 3-3, A - Breed vom Neffeltal (Ari - Apoll) 5-5, Nanouc vom Bungalow 5-5

Sire: 13 LGA, 2 BSP, 1 WUSV

Sire*Vagabund von der Fasanerie (West)
3/3/1989 1744875 LGA
SchH.3 Kkl.1 Show res.V Normal ZW:85

Sire 1 BSP

Dam *Cilly vom Wolfendobel
2/19/1988 1719726
SchH.2 Kkl.2 Show res.SG Normal ZW:75

Linebred: Mutz von der Pelztierfarm 5,4-5

Producer 9 LGA, 1 BSP

Dam *Wicki von den Wannaer Höhen
9/24/1995 1946582
SchH.2 Kkl.1 Normal, ZW 80

Linebred: O - Breed zur starken Eiche (Olf - Oldo) 4-4, * - Breed vom alten Kauz (Bessie - April) 4-4, Ari vom Neffeltal 5,5-5

Sire*Boy vom Pendel Bach
3/14/1992 1827542
BSP, IP3, LGA, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Normal ZW: 81
linebred: Racker vom Itztal 4-5, * - Breed vom Busecker Schloß (Eros - Gillo) 4-5, Ari vom Neffeltal 4-4, * - Breed vom Itztal (Nina - Quicke) 5-5


Produced: 7 BSP, 14 LGA, 2 WUSV

Dam *Deika von den Wannaer Höhen
7/30/1988 1734671BSP, SchH.3
Kkl.2 Show res.V Normal

linebred: Nico Haus Beck 5-5

Produced: 5 BSP, 5 LGA

Balien zu Treuen Händen
7/14/2004 AKC DN 7804201
OFA Hips Good GS-74708G24F-PI;Elbows Normal GS-EL19459F24-24 ZW:86

Linebred Umsa v. Bungalow 5-5

*Belschik von Eicken-Bruche
6/18/1992 1836831
2X BSP, WUSV, FH1, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.2 Show res. Normal zw:86

Linebred: Eros vom Busecker Schloss 5-5

*Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft
12/10/1986 1688832
3X BSP, FH, IP3, SchH.3
Kkl.1 Show res.SG Normal ZW:88

Linebred: Anderl vom kleinen Pfahl 4-3; Flora vom Eichlbrunn 5-4; Nico vom Haus Beck 5-5

*Ina vom Scherwald
7/1/1988 1728357
FH, SchH.3
Kkl.2 Normal ZW:88
Dam of 2 BSP

Linebred: Matsch vom Bungalow 3-2; Pali vom Bungalow 4,5-4

Burgos' Unika
5/15/2000 USZ 14677
AD, OB1, SchH.1, TR3, HOT
OFA HD: GS-64115G24F-PI
OFA EL: GS-EL13824F24-PI. ZW:86

Linebreeding: none

Harro vom Sickinger Moorwerk
3/13/1997 1987153
SchH.2 Normal ZW:77

Linebred: T - Breed vom Körbelbach (Troll - Torro) 2-3; Caro vom Allerswald 4-5,5; Ari vom Neffeltal 5-5

*Citty vom Haus Ming
12/3/1993 NHSB 1915903
SchH.3, VH3, VZH
Kkl.2 Show res.SG Fast normal ZW:94

Linebred Mink Haus Wittfeld 2-2; Ira vom Jägermeister 2-4; Greif zum Lahntal 4-4,5; Enno vom Antrefftal 4-5

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