The L girls, Lena and Labella Vita zu Treuen Händen

Born 6-5-21

Pedigree working dog

Pedigree pedigree database

Labella Vita zu Treuen Händen

'a' normal hips and elbows, LÜW1, OCD clear (spine)DM N/A, MDR1 clear, Homozygous sable

Vita is an intense female that pushes me to work, but also is very easy to live with. Big grips, strong barking, very high drive for toys and for food. She is a medium large female that is a great mix of her mother and father. Excellent nerves in all venues, aloof, dog and people neutral. I can't wait to hit the field with this girl.


Lena zu Treuen Händen
'a' normal hips, fast normal elbows, LÜW0, OCD clear (spine) DM N/A, MDR1 clear, Sable carrying tan point/black and tan.


Lena, like her sister, is medium large female with excellent environmental nerves. She is aloof, dog and people neutral. Big grips, excellent barking, VERY possessive with extremely high hunt drive. She has good ball drive, though her idea of a game is keep away. Excellent food drive. This dog is very easy to live with, very cooperative, but also has a bit of an attitude. Like her grandmother, a dog that should be out there doing detection work. She will be fun.