My trip to Germany

One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Germany was all of the Mercedes and BMW. LOL I also could learn to enjoy the Autobahn. :)

My hotel in Aystetten, Bavaria, Germany.
The rooms were small, but very nice. I had a great buffet breakfast every morning with lots of different breads, jams, meats, cheese and black tea.

The beautiful state forest across the street from the hotel. Vala and I hiked there each morning.

Micha and I went sight seeing in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany on Tuesday 3-22-11.

The town of Augsburg is MAYBE the size of Ann Arbor. Augsburg used to be surrounded by a wall and a moat. Only a part of the wall and moat still exist. There are many bakeries (I enjoyed a lot of cheese cake), chocolate stores, clothing stores, open markets and places to eat with outside eating areas in the squares. The cobble stone roads are VERY old.

The Dome. This is a 1000 year old Catholic cathedral and monastery. My camera had a hard time capturing much of the beauty of this church. It was very impressive to me to be inside a building that was built before my ancestors came to America (and we have been here for a very long time).

Me. Micha felt I needed to be in some of these photos.

This clock tower is the oldest part. In person you could see the age of the stone.

This was a political building. The ceiling was "wow". I lightened up some of the photos so they could be seen more clearly.

A Samurai armor from their sister city in Japan.

We also visited a museum of Augsburg and a very old Lutheran church with gorgeous murals on the walls. I could not take pictures there.